NITI is the leader in the field of comprehensive investigations of naval nuclear installations

Development of advanced nuclear-powered ships and progress in development of nuclear power stations is impossible without extensive testing and numerical simulations of pilot designs using land-based prototype facilities. Prototype testing of naval nuclear reactors before their production has been a world practice.

Such testing is aimed to optimize construction technologies and operating conditions of naval reactors with real-time monitoring of operation parameters, improve the safety and reliability of equipment and facility as a whole. Decommissioning and disposal technologies can be also tested on land-based facilities.

Стенд КВ-2

FSUE “Alexandrov NITI” today is the only research and technology center in Russia intended for overall testing and trial of naval reactor prototypes until the required safety and reliability level is confirmed. NITI activity covers a wide spectrum of naval reactor technologies.

In addition to naval reactor prototype testing, the Institute carries out research in the nuclear engineering areas such as:

  • Comprehensive research, mathematical simulation, testing, and improvement of design solutions for advanced nuclear power installations (hereinafter referred to as NPI) through their entire life cycle
  • Experimental investigations for safety justification of nuclear power plants with VVER reactors
  • Development of software products and full-scale and functional simulators for nuclear facilities
  • Development of computer code for numerical modeling of neutronic and thermohydraulic processes occurring in the naval propulsion plants and NPP reactor units
  • Experimental research of severe accident scenarios at NPP, development of core catchers for Russian and foreign VVER reactors
  • Development of tools for data acquisition, conversion and recoding, as well as for technical diagnostics of nuclear equipment
  • Development of automated radiation monitoring equipment for NPPs
  • Development of instruments, technologies, hardware and software for radiation and radiochemical monitoring of process fluids at nuclear facilities
  • Development of technologies and tools for radwaste treatment and immobilization at nuclear facilities
  • Elaboration of I&C concepts for NPP with VVER reactors and development of human-system interface for control rooms of nuclear facilities
  • Development of physical protection system components
  • Development of automated systems for vacuum drying of nuclear process equipment including spent nuclear fuel storage containers
  • Development of automated systems for logging, storage, and processing of experimental data