VHGR test facility

VHGR test facility is intended for integrated research and trials of catalytic hydrogen recombiners.

The test facility consists of hydrogen and nitrogen sources, a water treatment system, a steam generating plant, and water circulation and cooling equipment. Testing process is monitored by a measuring and recording system. Chemical composition of water and gas fluid is analyzed using an automatic multichannel chemical control system.

Height, m 6.6
Length, m 4.5
Width, m 5.8
Work compartment volume, m3 3.0
Flowrate in high-pressure steam pipeline, kg/h 30 to 90
Temperature in high-pressure steam pipeline, °С 100 to 390
Gauge pressure in high-pressure steam pipeline, MPа 0.1 to 2.0
Gas absolute pressure in work compartment, kPа 80 to 600
Volume rate of gas mixture (hydrogen and oxygen) flow, dm3/h 60 to 235
Limit concentration of gases in gas fluid inside the work compartmentе oxygen — up to 3% of volume
hydrogen — up to 6% of volume