Corporate structure
Acting Director General - Denis Kirpikov

Department for Power Reactor Experiments
Department for Nuclear Reactor Experiments
  • Integrated testing of nuclear propulsion plants at full-scale prototype test facilities
  • Maintenance, updating, and repair of test equipment and systems
  • Radiation and nuclear safety assurance during experiments at test facilities

Department of Dynamic Research
  • Calculated and experimental analysis of dynamic characteristics of nuclear power installations (NPI)
  • Safety justification of experiments
  • Development and implementation of diagnosis systems, test facilities, simulators, full-scale experiments automation systems, system and application software, computer-aided design and calculation systems
  • Manufacturing of electronic components for automation and monitoring systems

Department of Chemistry and Technology Research
  • Development of chemical technologies for naval NPI life cycle support
  • Naval NPI water chemistry analysis
  • Development of radwaste treatment technologies
  • Development of chemical, radiochemical, and radiation monitoring systems for NPPs and naval objects
  • Radioecological and chemical monitoring in the nuclear facility location area
  • Development and improvement of explosive detectors for physical protection of high-security objects

Department of Neutron-Physical Research
  • Computational and experimental research of reactor neutronics
  • Development of control and diagnostic equipment
  • Development of software for computation of reactor core neutronics

Department of Thermal-Physical Research
  • Computational and experimental justification of NPP safety and reliability
  • Development of computer codes and software packages
  • Investigation of thermal and physical characteristics of prototype NPIs

Department of Severe Accident Research
  • Integrated investigations of NPP severe accidents
  • Experimental research at the RASPLAV platform

Department of Metrology Research
  • Calibration and checkout of measuring instruments
  • Certification of test equipment
  • Metrological support of NPI prototype test facilities
  • Metrological evaluation of documentation

Department of Development I&C
  • Development of I&C systems for NPPs and thermal power facilities
  • Development of information and measuring systems for experimental nuclear and thermal power test facilities

Department of Design Engineering
  • Design of nuclear equipment
  • Design of process equipment

Construction Department
  • Coordination of works at all life cycle stages of NITI’s construction projects
  • Interaction with supervisory authorities in the field of construction and design
  • Renovation and current repair of NITI’s facilities

Radiation Safety Department
  • Radiation and process monitoring during work performance at NITI’s test facilities
  • Radioecological monitoring in the NPP location area
  • Development of automated radiation monitoring systems
  • Development of equipment for calibration testing of radiation monitoring instruments

Department of Nuclear and Radiation Safety
  • Supervision of compliance with the nuclear and radiation safety requirements during work performance at test facilities
  • Supervision of compliance with the technical safety requirements
  • Nuclear materials control and accounting

Department of Scientific and Technical Information and Marketing
  • Provision of international scientific and technical cooperation, communication with the public, information support of works
  • Preparation of scientific and technical publications, information and advertising materials
  • Marketing research, promotion of enterprise products in various markets