Large-scale test facility (KMS)

The KMS test facility is a full-scale model of NPP containment with VVER reactors. It was designed accounting for the advanced world’s and national experience in simulating accident scenarios of VVER NPPs.

The large-scale facility is intended for:

  • Conduction of verification experiments for modern 3D computer codes used to describe thermo-hydraulic processes inside containment during NPP accidents;
  • Testing and verification of design concepts for passive safety systems in new generation VVER NPPs;
  • Conduction of experiments to demonstrate hydrogen safety inside NPP containments using helium as hydrogen simulant.
Containment characteristics
Material St09G2S steel of Russian grade
Diameter, m 12.0
Height of cylindrical element, m 10.9
Total weight of metal structures, t 126
Volume (air), m3 1830
Number of compartments 11
Maximum pressure, MPа 0.5
Maximum fluid temperature, °С 150
Fluid injection into containment
Steam pressure, MPа 0.5
maximum temperature, °С 150
maximum flow rate, t/h 1.5
Air pressure, MPа 0.7
maximum flow rate, nm3/h 500
Helium total volume (in ramp), nm3 240
maximum flow rate, nm3/h 30
Modeling scale
VVER-640 VVER-1200 VVER-1500
Volume 1:27 1:41 1:46
Linear 1:3 1:3.3 1:3.6

The test facility containment models the containment of VVER-640 NPP and consists of a metal cylindrical shell 12 m in diameter with a hemispherical removable dome as a superstructure and a steel-faced reinforced concrete structure as a substructure.

The inner surface of the KMS containment is thermally insulated with basalt needle felt mats 70 mm in thickness, which ensures meeting the requirements for steam-gas fluid temperature and pressure inside the containment during experiments.