ODYSSEY-M mobile complex for scientific research automation

The ODYSSEY-M mobile complex for scientific research automation is intended for gathering information from different signal sources.

The complex is used for:

  • Sensor data acquisition and logging in different formats at required frequency and accuracy (0.1 Hz– 1000 Hz)
  • Real-time parameter computation (as well as by individual formulas)
  • Experimental data logging in different modes (low-frequency, high-frequency, and loop logging, event logging, parameter variation logging)
  • Graphical displaying of the current parameters and their variation
  • Displaying of the required parameters in mimic diagrams with a warning function enabled if any parameter is out of an acceptable range
  • Distributed system of additional operator’s workstations
  • Rapid processing of logged experimental data
  • Self-diagnostics of hardware components

The ODYSSEY-M mobile complex consists of the following components:

  • Distributed data acquisition device (DAD.n, DAD.v, DAD.m)
  • Data logging serve
  • Additional automated workstation
  • Process local area network
  • Information local area network

As the ODYSSEY-M mobile complex has a modular design, it can be used as a basis for development of new complexes for solving a wide range of tasks. The ODYSSEY-M mobile complex can be interconnected with different measuring equipment, I&C and data acquisition systems. The ODYSSEY-M complex can be delivered in different configurations, including a mobile configuration with a laptop computer..

Analog input
Maximum number of channels 3000
Maximum number of channels for one data acquisition device: differential input 64
asymmetrical input 128
Maximum report rate: DAD.n,Hz 10
DAD.v, Hz 1000
DAD.m, Hz 1000
Insulation voltage for DAD measuring channels: group isolation, V 500
channel-by-channel isolation, kV 1.5 to 4
Measuring channels: direct current voltage, V ±0.060 to ±100
direct current value, мА 0 to 20
Temperature measurement: thermal resistance Pt, С, TSP, NI
thermocouples K, J, T, E, N, R, S, B
Discrete input
Absolute encoder 1000
Dry contact,volt 0 to 24
Code signal, bit 16
DAD weight, kg max 18
DAD dimensions, mm 600 х 600 х 200
Degree of DAD enclosure protection IP55
Supply voltage, V ~ 220
DAD power consumption, W max 200