Environmental report

Among the obligations of FSUE “Alexandrov NITI” environmental performance is to present available and scientifically-based information about the impact of the its activities on the environment, health of personnel and population in the area of the enterprise’s location.

In order to ensure compliance with the requirements of the State Corporation “ROSATOM” Order No. 1/1232-P “On Approval of the Unified Industry Environmental Policy of State Corporation “ROSATOM” and its Organizations” dated as of 05.12.2017, FSUE “Alexandrov NITI” put into effect the Environmental Policy and updated the Procedure for Providing Information on Environmental Safety.

Based on the “Unified Industry Guidelines for the Implementation of Environmental Policy …”, all environmentally significant enterprises of the nuclear industry, including FSUE “Alexandrov NITI”, should issue annual public reports on the Environmental safety of the enterprise.