Process equipment drying systems

The МО-1.01 drying module is intended to dry out leak-tight vessels of complicated internal structure.

The МО-1.01 drying module is used to:

  • remove liquid-phase water and residual moisture from leak-tight vessels of complicated internal structure
  • monitor humidity level and heat up gas fluids during vessel blowdown

The components of the МО-1.01 drying module are a heat exchanger, a vacuum pump, vacuum fittings, vacuum system lines, a refrigerator, and a drying control module.

ТDue point in the leak-tight vessel after drying, °С at least -18
Absolute pressure in pipelines, kPа 0.6 to 200
Temperature of water under cooling conditions, °С 7 to 15
Temperature of water under heating conditions, °С 30 to 45
Refrigeration output, kW at least 4.5
Heat output, kW at least 5.0
Fluid gage pressure in blowing-off line not acceptable
Volume of condensate drain container, m3 at least 0.07
Vacuum pump horsepower, h.p. at least 4
Heat exchanger (compensator) capacitance, l 5
Capacitance of condensate accumulation container, l 75
Height, mm 1500
Length, mm 1800
Width, mm 1300
Max weight of cabinet rack, kg 500