"Nuclear propulsion reactor plants. Life cycle management technologies". Collection of papers

Currently, nuclear power is one of the largest industries and key component of the world economy; its contribution to energy safety and defense capability can hardly be overestimated. Creation of innovative propulsion nuclear power reactors of various types and purposes is an important direction in the development of nuclear energy.

FSUE “Alexandrov NITI” is the only experimental base in Russia for complex testing of propulsion nuclear reactors using ground-based prototype facilities with the required level of reliability and safety. Testing as progress made by many scientists, engineers and designers is the result of the qualitative development and testing of individual equipment.

The unique experience gained in experimental studies and comprehensive testing of propulsion nuclear power reactors is successfully used by NITI specialists for research and development work in full range of nuclear energy issues, including the design and development of equipment technologies for new generation NPP units. This experience along with extraordinary computational and experimental capabilities of the enterprise allowed to create the collection of papers, “Nuclear propulsion reactor plants. Life cycle management technologies”, for the scientific community of the nuclear industry and its branches. The collection of papers presents the results of unique research and development works performed by specialists of NITI and other enterprises.

This periodical peer-reviewed collection of papers has been published since 2015. Since 2016, collection of papers has been published quarterly and is publicly available on the “eLIBRARY.RU” website» with the information about the publication data in the Russian Science Citation Index.

By the Order of Ministry of Education and Science No. 21-P dated as of 21.02.2019 this collection of papers is included in the List of peer-reviewed scientific editions accredited for publishing results of doctoral and candidate degree thesis in discipline 05.14.03 – Nuclear power installations: design, operation, and decommissioning (engineering sciences).

Articles and reports on relevant topics can be published in the collection of papers, as well as the articles with the results of doctor or candidate thesis in discipline 05.14.03 – Nuclear power installations: design, operation, and decommissioning).

Topical sections of “Nuclear propulsion reactor plants. Life cycle management technologies” collection:

  • Bench tests of propulsion reactor plants
  • Dynamic studies and creation of test procedures for nuclear facilities
  • Simulation and study of neutronic and thermohydraulic processes of nuclear facilities
  • Development of I&C systems for nuclear facilities
  • Chemical technologies for ensuring the life cycle of nuclear power plants, radiochemical and materials science research
  • Investigation of processes in case of severe accidents at nuclear facilities
  • Impact of nuclear power facilities on the environment
  • Experimental research
  • Information reports (on the topics of the collection of papers and organizational issues).

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Periodical peer-reviewed edition. Collection of papers.


Published since 2015

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