Automated facilities for preparation of calibration solutions (ASPPR)

The automated facilities for preparation of calibration solutions are intended to obtain the solutions accounting for the prescribed physical quantities, such as:

  • sodium chloride/ammonia/hydrazine mass concentration;
  • mass concentration of chloride/fluoride/sulfate/nitrate/potassium/sodium/lithium ions;
  • water-diluted oxygen and hydrogen mass concentration;
  • specific conductivity;
  • hydrogen-ion activity.

Using ASPPR the solutions are prepared as follows:

  • solutions of the required ionic/sodium chloride/ammonia/hydrazine concentration and specific conductivity are prepared dynamically by continuously mixing deionized (oxygen-free) water with a concentrated aqueous solution of the target component;
  • gas (oxygen, hydrogen) solutions are prepared dynamically by achieving an equilibrium between oxygen-free water and gas in a membrane contactor;
  • рН buffer solutions are prepared by laboratory method using titration standards and fed to the facility outlet in continuous flow.

ASPPR incorporates «ASPPR» autonomous software for control tasks fulfillment.

ASPPR facilities are available in three modifications: ASPPR.1, ASPPR.2, ASPPR.LBK.

The type of automated facilities for preparation of calibration solutions is approved by the order of Federal Agency on Technical regulating and Metrology (Rosstandart) No. 622 dated as of 25.03.2019.