Technology for computer-aided full-scope simulation TERMIT

Many years of NITI’s experience in simulation of physical processes at nuclear facilities has been now integrated into an advanced and powerful technology for computer-aided full-scope simulation of modeling systems. TERMIT is a computer-aided system intended to automate the development and support of functional and special software of modeling systems and training simulators for nuclear power installations.

TERMIT is used to automate the development and support of computational models for heat-power equipment including pipelines with water-steam and gas coolant (valves, pumps, tanks, heat-exchangers etc.), electrical systems (transformers, buses, drivers, breakers, generators etc.), as well as for automated process control systems of nuclear power installations.

TERMIT is a multi-platform (Linux, Windows, Open VMS) and multi-user system on a client-server basis. It allows many developers to simultaneously work on computational models for nuclear power installations.

TERMIT is an integrated graphic tools environment including all stages of modeling systems development: data acquisition, coding, testing, integration, validation, modernization, and documentation.

TERMIT technology is used for all types of modeling systems: functional simulators, simulation facilities, analyzers, and full-scope test facilities.

TERMIT integrates the following automation tools:

  • PRAGIS – program package for simulation of single-phase thermal-hydraulic processes (water, oil, liquid metal, gas);
  • ARTEK – program package for simulation of two-phase (steam-water flow) processes;
  • SELEN – program package for simulation of processes in electric systems;
  • AKULA – program package for simulation of automations;
  • KORSAR – best estimate thermal-hydraulic computer code (with KARTA module for calculation of neutronin 3D geometry and 2-group diffusion approximation).

Benefits of using the TERMIT technology:

  • less time for development of integrated models due to automation of software development without time-consuming step of programming and software debugging;
  • graphic presentation of input and output information is familiar and understandable to engineers who can essentially independently develop training simulators with almost no involvement of experts in mathematical modeling of NNR processes, numerical methods, and programming;
  • higher quality of modeling systems due to deep modeling of processes and refocusing of efforts from programming to testing and validation of models;
  • less expensive modernization of training simulators and modeling systems due to complete documenting of the product and its easy updating using TERMIT tools without involvement of developers.

The most important advantage of the TERMIT technology when compared to the analogous Russian systems developed for modeling automation in the nuclear field is KORSAR best estimate thermal-hydraulic computer code certified by Rostekhnadzor and used to perform calculations for safety assessment of marine pressurized-water systems and NPP VVERs.

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