Automated radiation environment monitoring system (AREMS)

The automated radiation environment monitoring system is used to obtain reliable data needed to take the decisions aimed at preventing personnel and population exposure and environment contamination. The hybrid monitoring principle including both automated and laboratory measurements is the basis of system operation.

The automated radiation environment monitoring system is an autonomous distributed measuring and information system that operates on the basis of data exchange with an automated radiation monitoring system (ARMS) of nuclear power installations. If the upper control level of the system fails, the lower control level remains functional.

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The AREMS allows for:

  • measuring the ambient dose equivalent rate of photon radiation from aerosol filters mounted in the vent installations
  • measuring the air volume purged through the vent installations
  • measuring the radionuclide volumetric activity in source and spent water
  • measuring the meteorological parameters, such as wind velocity/direction, atmospheric pressure/moisture, air/soil temperature
  • calculation and prediction of radiation fields spreading accounting for weather conditions
Radiation monitoring point
Accuracy, % 20
Exposure time, s 1
Data update rate, min 3
Minimum value, µSv/h 0,05
Water radiation monitoring point
Gamma radiometer
Volume of flow-through measuring chamber, l 30
Detector crystal-based NaI(Tl)
Control and display panel available
Output interface controler with RS-485
Minimum registrable volumetric activity of 137Cs in standard solution, Bq/l 0.5 per hour
Uncertainty of 137Cs volumetric activity measurement, % ±10
Air radiation monitoring point
Vent installations
Fan KVTU-315-C
Air flow rate, m3/h 800
Cloth FPP-15-1.5
Filter area, m3 0,63
Uncertainty of air volumetric activity measurement, % ±20
Measuring sensor
Range of registered gamma-ray energy, keV 50 to 3000
Sensitivity to 137Cs gamma-ray source activity, nSv∙h-1kBq-1 1,0÷2,4
Measurement uncertainty, % ±20
Module for data collection, processing, and storage
Data logging Air rate in vent installations
Total air rate in vent installations
Current air temperature in vent installations
Operation time of vent installation
Events logging Power supply availability check
Tamper evident

All the AREMS channels operate in conjunction with a central monitoring panel. The low-level tools transmit data to the central panel and automated workstations via radio modems through a data acquisition station and a server system.

The «ASKREO NITI» software is used to display the current values and the dynamics of monitored parameters measured by AREMS lower-level tools.

The «REO analis» software is used for viewing the data in tabular and graphical form and for look-back analysis of radiation situation in the controlled area.

The «Manual input» software is used to enter the radiation parameters measured by portable measurement tools into AREMS database.

The «DLL RECASS» software is used to calculate the radionuclide distribution and to make a 24-hour forecast of radiation exposure at the distance of 50 m from the release point. AREMS meteorological summary and emissions parameters received from ARMS are input data for calculations.

The AREMS software is used to present the limit exceedance signals and fault diagnosis results for the specified measurement period in color-coded popup windows.